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eBay auction service or consignment on Sophie's Cottage

Consignment on Sophie's Cottage and/or on eBay is offered if you just need to liquidate part of your estate.  The commission is 35% plus fees, if applicable.  See the Consignment Agreement.

Great care is taken to create a professional sales presentation.  If auctioning the items on eBay, multiple auctions are held together with an original theme-based template and professionally-made photographs.

ebay auction servicesThis attention to detail makes a difference.  For example, a collection of Fenton Glass was auctioned on eBay and despite the items being neither vintage or rare, with identical pieces often on eBay -- even at the time of these auctions -- the lot received higher ending bids than the identical items.  The presentation was attractive, photos were very clear, descriptions were detailed, a refund policy was offered and multiple auctions generated hits from one to the other.  Click the image above to see a PDF copy of one of the auctions from this lot.

Of course, the same care is taken if offering the items on Sophie's Cottage.


Your Consignment Items

Not all collections are equal

Your consignment items need to be of reasonable size and/or weight for shipping purposes.  In addition, not all collections will sell.  Your collection may be very sentimentally valuable to you, but they need to be well-known collectibles or have something identifying about them such as a collectible maker or desired style such as Art Deco to sell.  Collectibles don't have to be vintage to sell, as evidenced in the Fenton Glass pieces mentioned earlier.  For example, a collection of crystal, even if made more recently, could be collectible if the maker is collectible or the pattern is retired.

Items should be in good condition.  Some wear and tear is expected, but collectors usually won't buy broken or stained pieces or something that has been glued back together.  Collectors want the best representation of the collectible.  But some collectible items can be sold for their parts -- even vintage Barbie dolls.

Your best bet is to contact me if you have any questions concerning the salability or condition of your collectibles.  And no collection is too small or too large for consignment. 



More Experience, Higher Bids

I feel sure that my services will bring higher prices for your items.  I understand how the marketing should be done, how to reassure the buyers of an honest transaction, and I have the skills in photography and website/graphic design to present items in an attractive package.  And most important to collectors, I know how to pack collectibles for safe shipment.

eBay ConsignmentI am a specialist in vintage Barbie from the years 1959-1973 and have owned and operated Vintage Babs (formerly known as for almost a decade, I have previously operated a physical antique shop and I have experience in various collectibles through estate sales, this site and eBay.

Your items would have to be shipped to me to be researched, photographed, packed and shipped.  If you are interested in consignment services, please contact me.

See the Consignment Agreement.

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