Czech Perfume Bottle

Vintage Purple Amethyst Czechoslovakian Perfume

Beautiful amethyst-colored Czechoslovakian perfume bottle with a clear base.  The fan-shaped stopper alternates from deep royal purple to lavender/amethyst color depending on the light.  The heavy design cuts make light bounce off of it.

These cut glass perfume bottles are difficult to photograph. They change colors and sparkle when the light hits them and the photos just don't do them justice. It sometimes is a beautiful deep purple.  It sparkles brilliantly when light hits it.  I just can't capture either of those states in a photo.

A few small specks on close inspection.  No chips, cracks or damage.  The dauber has been grounded down.  It measures 4" tall and 3" wide

Vintage Czech Lavender Perfume - $100

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